‘Type II Fun’ is defined as fun that’s miserable in the moment. But in retrospect? The work is bliss. It’s like our memories lie to us when the joy we found was hard to get to. Perhaps you’ve heard the term tossed around by talking heads. Type I fun is a chicken finger. Type III fun isn’t any fun at all. But Type II? That’s the sweet spot. The stakes are just high enough.

The reasons we seek fun through work are many: maybe it’s chemical, maybe it’s spiritual. Maybe the spiritual stuff is chemical. Anyone who’s been in a saddle for seven rolling hours knows it’s all the same thing. You set your alarm at 5:00am so you can stay up well past midnight. You wake up before it goes off. 4:58 on the longest day of your life. 80 miles and three palomas later, you ring in the New Year. No one would call this ‘common sense’.

This publication captures a conversation about the work of fun.
Type Two
Client: Pas Normal Studios, The Meteor
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