Peter Heon is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Currently, Peter is the Head of Product Design & Development at MF9. Please direct all inquiries to
Select clients and collaborators: Nike, The Loop Running Supply, Will Bryant, Current Objects, Caroline Rose, Outdoor Voices, Radry, MF9, Random Golf Club.

Used and unused bus advertisements for Nike x The Loop Fall ‘23 campaign. Creative direction and photography by Brendan Carroll.
Nike x The Loop Fall '23
Client: Nike, The Loop Running Supply Co.
Art Direction, Design

Current Objects is a curated collection of architect-desinged objects. The two pieces of the Prototype were handmade at my studio in Austin.

The Weighted Quilt Prototype is intended for camping, picnics, laying on, laying under, sticking your arms or head through and wearing as a cape while eating cereal late at night, moving furniture, moving boxes, fort making, sound dampening, carpeting, maybe, and more.

The two pieces of the Prototype each have nine buttons and nine button holes and can be attached in a variety of ways. The padded buttons weigh two pounds each making each quilt weigh about 12 pounds. The buttons can be removed, too. It's adjustable. The quilts join together or they can be apart.
Weighted Quilt Prototype
Client: Current Objects
Design, Sewing

Art direction and graphics for a 41-piece collecion of lifestyle apparel and golf accessories. Each piece of outerwear was a cut & sew silhouette developed through a milti-step sampling process. Comfort and function were the top priorities in developing the fit of the garments for this collection.

The goal for this collection was to create apparel rooted in traditional menswear with silhouettes and artwork inspired by golf. Through this collection, we learned that the Random Golf Club audience has an appetite for cut & sew items offered at a higher price.
Random Golf Club FW22
Client: Random Golf Club
Art Direction, Design, Product Development

Odd Laundry is an ongoing collection of one-of-a-kind garments released on a weekly basis The goal of this project is to use every week as an opportunity to learn about new garment-making techniques that can be applied in the future.
Odd Laundry
Design, Sewing