Peter Heon is a designer at Party Practice working between Athens, GR and Austin, TX. Previosly: MF9, Random Golf Club.
Select clients and collaborators: Caroline Rose, Current Objects, MF9, Nike, Outdoor Voices, Pas Normal Studios, Radry, Random Golf Club, SporArts, The Loop Running Supply, The Meteor, Will Bryant.

Design for “Advantage,” an exhibition by artist and athlete Vicente Muñoz.

This collection of work ranges from within his over 16 years of photographing and creating tennis related pieces. The work is a visual diary entry of love, loss, experience, and an understanding of the simple everyday moments of the game and continued journey as an athlete and artist within it.

The design scope for this exhibition includes a projector loop, three posters, and a title wall graphic.

Client: SporArts, Vicente Munoz
Graphic Design, Motion Design

‘Type II Fun’ is defined as fun that’s miserable in the moment. But in retrospect? The work is bliss. It’s like our memories lie to us when the joy we found was hard to get to. Perhaps you’ve heard the term tossed around by talking heads. Type I fun is a chicken finger. Type III fun isn’t any fun at all. But Type II? That’s the sweet spot. The stakes are just high enough.

The reasons we seek fun through work are many: maybe it’s chemical, maybe it’s spiritual. Maybe the spiritual stuff is chemical. Anyone who’s been in a saddle for seven rolling hours knows it’s all the same thing. You set your alarm at 5:00am so you can stay up well past midnight. You wake up before it goes off. 4:58 on the longest day of your life. 80 miles and three palomas later, you ring in the New Year. No one would call this ‘common sense’.

This publication captures a conversation about the work of fun.
Type Two
Client: Pas Normal Studios, The Meteor
Publication Design

Used and unused bus advertisements for Nike x The Loop Fall ‘23 campaign. Creative direction and photography by Brendan Carroll.
Nike x The Loop Fall '23
Client: Nike, The Loop Running Supply Co.
Art Direction, Design

Current Objects is a curated collection of architect-desinged objects. The two pieces of the Prototype were handmade at my studio in Austin.

The Weighted Quilt Prototype is intended for camping, picnics, laying on, laying under, sticking your arms or head through and wearing as a cape while eating cereal late at night, moving furniture, moving boxes, fort making, sound dampening, carpeting, maybe, and more.

The two pieces of the Prototype each have nine buttons and nine button holes and can be attached in a variety of ways. The padded buttons weigh two pounds each making each quilt weigh about 12 pounds. The buttons can be removed, too. It's adjustable. The quilts join together or they can be apart.

Designed and develoved with Ben Dooley.
Weighted Quilt Prototype
Client: Current Objects
Design, Product Development