Adventures in Golf: Golf Course Only Accessible by Lobster Boat
Role: Story Producer

At Random Golf Club, our team produced Adventures in Golf, a documentary travel show by United Airlines and the PGA Tour that highlights the fun, human, and humorous side of golf. The show is built upon visits to the remote yet remarkable places in golf that our crew documents.

This episode was centered around The Great Chebeague Golf Club: a 9-hole course located on a small island off the coast of Portland, Maine. Chebeague has just one grocery store and one schoolhouse, yet the locals there have found a way to prioritize this unique golf experience within their community. And unlike many stories in and around golf: the women of Chebeague are at the center of it.
As a story producer for this shoot, my job was to run logistics and build out an additional storyline for the show, one that would complement the golf footage and remain authentic to life on the island — all while keeping it realistic for our team to capture.

I got in touch with a local named Alex Todd, a tenth-generation lobster fisherman who agreed to teach our crew all about lobster fishing. Alex and his son have strong ties to the island, and the memorable week we shared is captured in the episode. Plus, Alex’s lobster boat even served as our transportation to and from the island for the duration of the trip.